Oskar and Andreas Wurm are the founders, owners and managing directors of GEOS3D. Together they work on the further development of the company. Their current project: A subsidiary in the USA.

Oskar Wurm

Oskar founded GEOS3D. He is the strategist and visionary. As the senior director, his aspiration is good performance. His favorite word is “flexibility”. Why? “The GEOS3D customers are located around the world and the alignment of roll, motors and rollers is a bit different than dynamic measurement during ongoing operations.” Oskar finds his balance to technology in his photo studio story.

Andreas Wurm

Andreas is the head of industrial surveying at GEOS3D. He learned surveying from the ground up and loves the ever-new challenges of his job. “I am fascinated by measuring the particle accelerator for cancer research, then supplying the data for turbine adjustment or providing the longitudinal seams of the 1.5 km long pipeline with 0.2-millimeter measurement accuracy in the Moroccan desert.”


Simon completed his Master’s degree in Mountain Risk Engineering at the BOKU in Vienna and, as the senior in the GEOS3D team, he knows exactly what is important to the customer. Surveying engineer at GEOS3D is just the right thing for him. Why? “We have access to machines and technologies from top companies. We see what the average consumer never sees. We can measure what the internal surveyor cannot. That is unique.”


After six years of surveying land and cadastres, Cosmin dared to switch to industrial surveying a year ago. As a certified surveyor, he now works on construction sites and in production halls in the automotive industry. “These high-end technologies fascinate me. I like measuring the various components. For land surveying I measured in centimeters, today my measurement results are accurate to +/- 0.005 mm/m.”


With his Masters in Mine Surveying and his know-how in surveying, he is the specialist for the monitoring of moving processes. He loves precision and considering concepts to report the best measurement data for customers. A good result is important to him. To balance things out, he loves to play football. His ambition: Work independently and get to know as much of the world as possible.


Eloy studied surveying engineering at the University of Oviedo after having completed his training as a surveying technician. He appreciates the wide range of tasks at GEOS3D and his specialty is the calibration of automotive parts. “You have to be prepared to take responsibility, because until the individual components of the gripping systems have been measured to the nearest thousandth of a millimeter, they cannot be shipped.


As a graduate of RWTH Aachen University specializing in raw material engineering and electrical engineering, Roman – together with Eloy – adjusts and calibrates gripper systems in the automotive industry. “Whether it’s grippers for final assembly or engine production or the particle accelerator, precision has the highest priority at GEOS3D. I learn more with every measurement. Asking questions and finding out how things work is part of that. That makes this job very interesting.”


For Thomas, cadastral and land surveying is the showpiece discipline of the surveyor. “Even though my colleagues in industrial surveying find their job much more exciting. I like to calmly demonstrate the limits and heights on the meadow step by step.” His motto: Work as much as possible outdoors.


Nicolás successfully completed his studies as a Land Surveyor Engineer at the Technical University of Asturias. Already during his studies he gained a lot of experience with different instruments and also calculated the volume and design of ski slopes. He is fascinated by the measuring instruments used in GEOS3D and the resulting precision.


Prior to his work as an industrial surveyor, Dragomir was responsible for the calculation and display of point clusters and the subsequent mapping. After his “Bachelor Geodesy and Geomatics”, he completed his Master’s degree in Geodesy and Geo information at the Vienna University of Technology. At GEOS3D, Dragomir makes use of his experience, particularly in the areas of reverse engineering and alignment and adjustment


Stefan joined the team in 2017 with a master’s degree in surveying and cadastre and his studies in “Geodesy and Geo Informatics” at the Technical University of Vienna and with a lot of experience in industrial surveying, production monitoring and engineering geodesy. “I have been enthusiastic about precision surveying since 2007, when I worked for industrial companies in Egypt, Slovakia, Italy and Germany. This job offers me a lot of variety and the opportunity to work independently.”

Cornelia und Marita

Cornelia and Marita are in charge of the secretariat and internal organization. No matter whether it concerns employees, accounting or booking flights. They conscientiously perform all tasks and take care of all the technicians. “I have been part of the team since 2013 and appreciate the short communication channels and the flexibility that exists within the company.